Gevraagd donatie arbeidersteam vanwege COVID-19

Doneer online via deze link. o.v.v. COVID-19. Ook Sri Lanka is in de ban van het corona virus. De projecten liggen stil. Er is een totale lockdown en dat betekent dat er niet gewerkt kan worden, dus ook geen inkomen. Het arbeidersteam werkt het hele jaar ontzettend hard voor de projecten en om ze nu zonder geld voor de eerste levensbehoefte te laten zitten is niet te verteren.  Gelukkig heeft Wilde Ganzen de noodzaak voor ondersteuning ingezien en gaat onze actie steunen met 50%. Hiermee helpen we 15 gezinnen.

Our Foundation’s field team who provided labour work such as masonry, plumbing for about 15 years (approximately 70 hours a week) to its water and sanitation projects and became unemployed and out of income for living due to the Corona virus outbreak. In general, this team also the poorest socio-economic group and is in the bottom of the wealth pyramid in the country. They are from resource poor areas in the different parts of the country too.
Before the COVID – 19 outbreak, our field labour team involved in the construction work for a daily wage and been paid on the basis of number of day that they work in the field. In Sri Lanka, the government has enforced lockdown procedures and a strict curfew since 20 March 2020 as a prevention measures against the COVID – 19 pandemic. Under these circumstances, Kansarmen S L Foundation had to stop its field activities and the field labour team became unemployed with no income. Essential food items are delivered to the door steps of the households due to the indefinite curfew situation, by permitted food suppliers. However, our field labour team is claiming that they are very helpless without an income to feed the family members and themselves.
Foundation needs extra financial support to sustain during this Corona virus outbreak. The field labour team is living in different parts of Sri Lanka and it is not accessible for the Foundation staff to deliver daily food items to their households due to the prolong curfew in the country. Therefore, the Foundation has arranged to send a weekly subsidy for their accounts to purchase essential food items from the suppliers. Since, this support involves only financial transactions and the existing staff capacity of the Foundation is sufficient for the project implementation.
The field labour team has well incorporated into the foundation’s work. They can work independently in any project site in the country. The future of the Foundation will depend partly on our field labour team and extra financial support is needed for the Foundation to sustain with current workforce capacity for an uninterrupted flow of work in the future.

Arbeidersteam van Kansarmen Sri Lanka Foundation

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