The students from Brown International Academy in Denver Colorado organized their own 4 mile walk in their community

Walking for Water, Message Body:
We are a school in Denver, Colorado and our 1st grade students recently completed a unit of inquiry exploring and learning about water and the global water crisis. We were lucky enough to share your “Just Water Films” with our classes, and they were truly touched.
Using inspiration from these videos, the students chose to organize their own 4 mile walk in our community.
The students specifically chose to donate to the Sri Lanka school project, and are so excited to help other students around the world! Between the four classes (100 students) we have raised over $3500. We wanted to contact you so you knew where the money was coming from, and in hopes that you would be able to send us a little more information on the progress of the project their little hearts are so invested in.
We look forward to hearing from you, and please keep your eye out for our donations! Thank You, Miss Kendall Clausen, Miss Jennifer Kaplan, Mrs. Rachel Tabibi, and Mrs. Anna Wallenkamp.

Hello Jennifer,
Thank you for your pictures, we have put them already on our website!
Three weeks ago I visited this school again and the children are waiting for the drinkingwater.
With your help we can create the neccesary facilities, thanks again!
I added some pictures: we gave the school princepal several English books; the boys are playing the national sport: cricket; and some girls are sitting outside.
The project will be finished within 5 months and then I sent you a narrow report!
Give our warm greetings to your children and teachers!!
with kind regards, Jan van der Steen, Foundation Kansarmen Sri Lanka

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