Photo Exhibition ‘250 water and sanitation projects’

Opening of the Photo Exhibition of Foundation Kansarmen Sri Lanka was on September 11. This exhibition is in the Fair Trade Wereldwinkel of Berlicum and shows the positive results since the start in 2006. Among the guests also the ambassador of Sri Lanka Mrs. Aruni Ranaraja, our mayor Han Looijen and children’s mayor Lin van Hout. It was a pleasant and successful event. Speakers: Willem van Geest and Colette Bax of Wereldwinkel, Jan van der Steen of SKSL, Marit van Liere of Wilde Ganzen, Lin van Hout, Han Looijen and ambassador Mrs. Aruni.
The 2 films below (full speeches and shortened speeches) and pictures will give you an impression of this afternoon.
Opening of the Photo Exhibition (23 min)

Opening of the Photo Exhibition (8 min)

Pictures of the opening

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