489. School Imbulana Sri Sena School (SGP)

A rural school with 1500 Children grade 1 – 13 from poor families and 86 teachers use the new facilities.
Dehi/Imbulana Sri Sena School is located in the 100 Imbulana Grama Niladhari Division, in the Kegalle District of the Sabaragamuwa Province.
The school is surrounded by several mountains, the majority of the parental community of the school comprises low-income, daily-wage laborers, and there is no considerable support for the development of the school.
The school was struggling with a lack of washroom facilities for years, which impacted the educational services and hygiene of the school. Before the implementation of the project, approximately one washroom facility was available for every 50 students and one washroom facility for every 10 teachers.
Realized, water and sanitation facilities:
Constructed a wash room building with 4 urinals and one latrine for male students, constructed a wash room building with 4 latrines for female students, constructed 2 hand washing units (one unit has 4 taps), construct 4 tap posts, painted all constructions.
Parents, teachers helped bring materials to construction site.

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