487. School Pathberiya Narada Central College (SGP)

A rural school with 1033 Children grade 1 – 13 from poor families and 77 teachers use the new facilities.
R/Pathberiya Narada Central College is located in the Pathberiya Grama Niladhari Division within the Kuruwita Divisional Secretary’s Division, situated in the Rathnapura district of the Sabaragamuwa Province. The school is surrounded by several mountains, some of which extend to the Samanala mountain range. The school’s atmosphere is characterized by a predominantly rural Sinhala student community and reportedly began in the year 1959. The parental community is primarily composed of small-scale sweetmeat producers, while others work as employees in tea and rubber plantations.
There has been no continuous, safe water supply from the existing pipeline due to damages in the pipes laid in the past. This scarcity of safe water has significantly affected the availability of drinking water and the maintenance of sanitation in the school. The school authorities were unable to find a permanent solution to mitigate the issue until the Kansarmen SL Foundation implemented a sustainable project.
Realized, water and sanitation facilities:
Cleanup activities around the water spring, reconstruct the source well, connected GI pipes to the water spring, constructed a granite wall on a culvert beside the water spring, supply total pipeline system to school and school premises and existing school buildings and existing toilets from the water spring (800m long), construct a low concrete stand to keep the new 5000l Water tank, construction of 1 hand washing unit (one unit has 4 taps), construct 3 tap posts, painting all constructions.
Parents, teachers helped bring materials to construction site.


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