479. Arthacharya Thanamalwila Community center (UP)

A preschool and community activity center with 45 Children and adults from low income poor families use the new facilities. The community center conduct 6 days per week.
The Arthacharya Thanamalwila community center situated in Wijayapura Suriyaara village and away from the Thanamalwila city area in Uva Province. The children who study here coming from very poor families and the parents of the children are daily labours in the village farms, and their income is very low. They do not have water facilities for the community center. Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Construct a deep tube well, supply electricity cable and the panel board, construct a well cover for the tube well, construct an iron water tower (22 feet high), supply 2000L water tank, supply a water pump, total pipeline system for the community center premises, construct 1 tap post, Etc…
Now the students have water for their drinking and the sanitary needs.
Parents and villagers help for the constructions.

Reasons to increase the expenses.

• We planned to make the deep tube well for 53meters, but we had to make deeper up to 65 meters because ground water level is in very deep than we expected.
• We had to use extra PVC pipes for the deep tube well for mud drilling.
• We had to change the location after fixing the iron water tower because of the request from the Arthacharya main office, We had to move the place of the constructed water tower to the corner of the land, 170 meters away from the planed location.
• We planned to supply 1.000L water tank but we had to supply 2.000L water tank because the water consumption is more than we expected.
• Increasement of the prices of building materials and other expenses of the projects due to the inflation.

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