477. Chathura PreSchool Wariyapola (NWP)

A preschool with 20 children, 300 students who are using the library, all from low income poor families and 1 teacher using the new facilities.
NOTE: This DTW can be used too for a possible future water extension to the 80 families.
The primary school is situated in Hirigolla village and away from the Wariyapola city area in North Western Province. The parents of the children are very poor and they are daily labours in the village farms, and they do not have any proper income. There is no water at all more than 8 months in the year, no drinking and cooking water and no water for cleaning their toilet, especially the small children struggling for water for their sanitary needs, they have to walk for water nearby houses, they had this water and sanitation issue for 7 years.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Construct a deep tube well, supply electricity cable and the panel board, construct a well cover for the tube well, construct an iron water tower (22 feet high) to keep 2 water tanks, supply 2.000L water tank, supply a water pump, total pipeline system for the preschool and extend the pipeline connection for their toilets, construct a 1 hand washing unit (1 unit has 3 taps), construct 2 tap posts, Etc… and paint all new constructions.
Now the children have water for their drinking and the sanitary needs.
Parents and villagers help for the constructions.

Reasons to increase the expenses.

• We planned to make the deep tube well for 50 meters, but we had to make deeper up to 65 meters because in dry season 50 meters in not enough.
• We had to use the special tube well drilling system (mud drilling system) because muddy leve starts in 5 meters when drilling the land and it goes up to 40 meters deep and after 40 meters the rock starts.
• We made the iron water tower with extra stand to keep another water tank (22 feet high). This DTW can be used too for a possible future water extension to the 80 families.
• Increasement of the prices of building materials and other expenses of the projects due to the inflation.

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