466. Sri Dammananda Pre School (UP)

A preschool with 25 Children, from low income poor families and 2 teachers use the new facilities.
The preschool is situated in isolated rural village called Kiriwanagama and away from the Haputale city area in Uva Province. They do not have any water facilities in their preschool, every morning the parents of the children collecting water for the school from a water stream nearby the preschool. School children and the teachers struggling for drinking water and for cleaning purpose for 10 years. Majority of the Parents working in rice fields and vegetable farms, for their family income and some others do daily labor, these villages are very poor.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Construct a low concrete water tower, connected the school pipeline to the water stream (450 meters long) and get the water from the stream with the gravity system for their existing water tank, repair the existing hand washing unit and construct 3 tap posts, construct 1 unit of hand washing and drinking, reconstruct the existing latrine.
Parents helped carry to the construction sites digging and fixing for the pipe line. Now they have water throughout the year for drinking, cleaning purpose.

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