457. School Mamunagama Thakshila Primary + Community (NWP)

A primary school and the community with 70 Children from grade 1 to 05, from low income poor families and 8 teachers and the community use the new facilities.
The primary school is situated in Nawagaththegama yaya 08 village and away from the Anamaduwa city area in North Western Province. The most of the children’s father or mother is not living with them, they have left their children and living separately, some children living with their grandparents. They do not have any proper income and we notice that they can do the farming and then we select the poorest 20 families in the school children, and get the permission from the preschool to make the deep tube well, and do their cultivation in the school premises because the school has more than 15 Acers, Now these families use the school land for cultivation (vegetables, coconut trees, etc..) and use the tube well for water. This village is situated in a dry zone and earlier village farmers used the rain water for their cultivation and they could farm 2 times per year but it depends on the rain.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Construct a deep tube well, construct a pump house, concrete water tower, and supply a water pump and the panel board, electricity cable, supply 5.000L water tank.
Now these families can do their farming throughout the year and now these people can develop their family life.
Parents and villagers help for the constructions.

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