454. Girithalegama School (NCP)

A rural and poor school with 2400 Children grade 06 – 13 from low income families and 100 teachers use the new facilities.
The school is situated in (facing Habarana/ Batticalow road) in rural area, away from the Polonnaruwa city area in North Central Province, and all the teachers who teach in this school have to travel far away from the city to the school daily. We realized that they were struggling with less sanitary facilities and they had not proper urinals and latrines system for this school for many years therefore children had to face many difficulties.
Majority of the Parents are very poor, most of the parents are working in paddy fields and and some others working in rice mills as daily labours, few parents working in governmental organizations as labours and some parents are working for military, most of the parents education background is very poor and their family life style is very poor.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Reconstruction of 5 latrines in two buildings, reconstruction of existing toilet pit, repair and extend the existing water supply system for the reconstructed sanitary buildings, construct 1 tap post, paint all our constructions.   
Parents and children help: transport materials from the gate to construction sites, digging and fixing for the pipe line and digging the toilet pits.

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