424. School Kalaganwatta (CProv)

A rural and poor school with 600 Children grade 1 – 13 from low income families and 38 teachers use the new facilities.
The school is situated in rural area and far from the city in Central Province. In dry season there is no water at all, all the wells get dry and no water for drinking and even for cleaning purposes. This school is situated in 5 height levels in land and struggling for water many months in every year.
Majority of the parents working in a tea states for their family income and some others do daily labor these villages are very poor.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Supply water to school by connecting to the community pipeline, supplying a 5.000L water tank with concrete water stand, supply 500L water tank, total pipeline system for the school premises, construct 2 hand washing units and reconstruct existing 2 hand washing units (one unit has 4 taps), construct 2 tap posts, reconstruct the existing 2 toilets, connect the new pipeline to the existing toilets and science lab, supply a sink for the lab, connect the pipeline for the teachers quarters, paint all our constructions, Etc…
Parents and children help: transport materials from the gate to construction sites, digging and fixing for the pipe line and digging the toilet pits.

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