410. School and Community Kelipanawela UVA Prov coordinates 6.721253, 81.012528

Rural community with 60 poor families (300 persons)  and school with 41 children grade 1-5 make use of the new facilities.This community (including school) is located in an isolated area. Their natural source located at 300 m from the community is poisoned by the chemicals of the rice fields. We want to go upstream (1.000 m extra) to a higher source, in this way there is no more pollution from the chemicals. Also their existing pipeline is very old and must be repaired daily. The families have become despondent due to the continuing water problem.
To realize, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Reconstruction existing pipeline, build source well, well cover, source water by gravity through new iron pipeline (1.000 m) from new higher source well to the community 5.000 lt. stock tank and school, ring pipeline at school to buildings and sanitary.
Community, parents and children help: transport materials from gate to construction sites, digging for the piping.

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