405. Community & School Nordwood UVA Province Sri Lanka

Rural school & community with 80 children grade 1-5 and 40 poor families make use of the new facilities.
We visit this isolated place together with Father Malin.
These families are working in the tea estates and their daily income is very low.
They receive the water from a natural source at 1.350 m on the other side of the valley.
It is an very old iron pipeline, 40 years old and because of the rust, the pipe is clogged and broken at many places. Dailey they have to repair the pipe with an old rubber inner tube.
The water is also contaminated by the damaged pipes. The school and community want a new pipeline system. The families are very motivated to help.
To realize, improved water facilities:
Build a proper source well, source water by gravity through new pvc pipeline from source well to the community and school, low concrete water tower with 10.000 lt. storage tank.
Parents and children help: transport materials from gate to construction sites, digging for the piping.

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