390. School Balagala Ella Primary (UVA Prov)

Rural and poor preschool with 158 children grade 1-5 from poor families and 12 teachers make use of the new facilities.
The school is situated in isolated rural area, far from the main city area in Uva. We realized that they were struggling with less water facilities for 30 years and they had not proper water delivery system in this school for many years.
This school is located at a height of 1400 m and is led by an active young principal.
They recently construct a dug a well however without success. The poor parents together invested money to construct the well but still no water. At 740 m distance there is a community water supply, the school is allowed to join and get the water.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Supply new water connection to school by connecting to the community water pipeline (740m away from the school), supply new electricity connection to school, construct low concrete water stand by levelling the ground, supply 5.000L water stock tank, construct pump house with control panel and supply extra heavy water pump, pump up the water to the school from community pipeline, construct a fence with steel nets to protect the pump and the pump house, supply 2.000L water tank, construct 3 low concrete water stands with hand rails in school premises 2 low concrete stand for secondary school and one for preschool, total pipe line system to the secondary/ primary and preschool buildings and sanitary, construct 4 concrete washing units (1 unit has 4 taps) and 3 tap posts.
Parents and children help transport materials from gate to construction site, digging for the pipeline. Now they have water throughout the year after 30 years for drinking, cleaning and also for vegetable and flower planting inside the school.

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