390. School Balagala Ella Primary (dry well) UVA Prov

Rural school with 158 children grade 1-5 and preschool from poor families and 12 teachers make use of the new facilities.
This school is located at a height of 1.400 m and is led by a active young principal.
They recently dug a well however without success. The parents together invested more than € 500, still no water. At 740 m distance is a community well, the school is allowed to join.
To realize, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Underground  5.000 lt. stock tank, pump house with control panel and pump, pump up the water to the school, 1 steel water tower with 1.000, ring pipeline at school to buildings and sanitary from primary school and also to the preschool, 2 concrete washing units (1 unit has 4 taps).
Parents and children help: transport materials from gate to construction sites, digging for the piping.

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