388. School Kinalan and Pre-school UVA Prov

Rural school and separate pre school with totally 131 children grade 1-9 from poor families and 12 teachers make use of the new facilities.
This school in the tea area is divided into two levels in terms of ground height.
In the dry season for 7 months no/or limited water, they bring some water with a lorry to do the highly necessary. At 850 m there is an old well in the valley. School has permission to use this well.
To realize, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Reconstruction old well, well cover, electricity cable, pump house with control panel and pump, pump up the water to the school, 1 steel water tower with 1.000 lt tank, ring pipeline at school to buildings and sanitary from primary school and also to the pre-school, 2 concrete washing units (1 unit has 4 taps).
Parents and children help: transport materials from gate to construction sites, digging for the piping.

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