360. Disabled home Ollanda Waththe

60 people with a mental / physical disability make use of the new facilities.
This home is situated on a mountain where 60 people with a mental / physical disability live. The problem is that they have been running out of water for many years. In the past they have tried everything to realize water: a pulse bore and open wells. However, all this in vain, there is still no water.
The water is currently supplied with jerry cans. They don’t know how to proceed.
After an intensive investigation SKSL has found a solution. At the bottom of the mountain there is a river at a distance of 500m and SKSL sees opportunities to pump the river water up the mountain. This will solve the water problem once and for all.
To realize, improved water facilities:
Well construction next to the river, well cover, electricity connection and cable, pump house with control panel and extra heavy pump, pipeline to pump up the water to the disabled home, 1 steel water tower, ring pipeline to buildings and sanitary.

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