360. Disabled home Olanda Waththe

60 people with a mental, physical disability make use of the new facilities.
This home is situated on a mountain where 60 people with a mental, physical disability live. The problem is that they have been running out of water for many years (more than 30 years). In the past they have tried everything to get the water to the disabled home but their all attempts were unsuccessful. The water is currently supplied with jerry cans, brought with a tuk-tuk. They don’t know how to proceed.
After an intensive investigation Kansarmen S L Foundation has found a solution. At the bottom of the mountain there is a river at a distance of 1.300 m from the disabled home and KSLF sees opportunities and decided to make an open dug well nearby the river and pump the river water through the dug well up to the disabled home on the top of the mountain (over a height difference of more than 100 m!). This will solve the water problem once and for all. The source is situated in a middle of a rubber estate where there is no road accessibility.
Realized, improved water facilities:
Construct a road through the rubber plantation to transport materials from main road to well construction site (to the river side), well construction (17 feet deep, 12 feet wide) next to the river, construct a stone wall around the river to protect the well from the river water when there is heavy rains, prepare a well cover, construct a fence using steel net around the well and the pump house to protect from animals (monkeys and wild pigs), supply electricity connection and cable, construction of pump house with control panel and supply extra heavy water pump, Supply 2.000L water tank and 5.000L water stock tank, to lay the pipeline through the mountain we construct concrete posts to level the pipeline, construct a low concrete water stand with handrail in the highest point of the mountain construct the pipeline using GI pipes from the well to the stock tank to pump the water up to the stock tank, construct total pipeline system to buildings and sanitary from the water tower so that the disabled home can take the water.
Now they have water throughout the year for drinking and their cleaning purposes.

Note: The Final project cost is higher than we estimated, the reasons are;
• We did the estimate in beginning of the year 2019
• Due to the economic crises in Sri Lanka the prices of materials increased more than 300% than we estimated. (Eg. cement, GI pipes, sand, cement bricks, etc.)
• We have to bring the water up to the mountain and we had to use a high capacity water pump (overcoming a 100 m height difference), the price of the pump increased more than 300% we estimated.
• We planned to use PE water pipes for pipeline but it is difficult to put the line under ground because of the underground hard rocks and stones. Then we changed the plan to lay the pipeline on concrete posts. We used the GI pipes for pipeline because of the wild animals may damage the PE pipes because of that we had to spend much more money to buy the GI pipes.
• We had to repeat the project many times because of the 2019 Easter Sunday bomb attack, due to the heavy rain and the earth slips, due to COVID 19 pandemic several times there were lock downs throughout the country.
• In our estimate we had a shorter pipeline route, but some parts of this route is too steep, impossible to walk. That is why we chose another less steep route, but longer. Even on rainy days, the slope of this jungle route was not passable for our workers: dangerously slippery and we could not work!
• On the premises of the disabled home we made a larger pipeline system than planned.


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