351. School Vijava (NWP)

A very rural school with 520 Children coming from very poor families, grade 1-13 students and 28 teachers use the new facilities.
School is situated on very rural dry area (in the dry zone). There is no water at all in the dry season, No drinking water and also no toilet cleaning because no water! Terrible situation.
They had a well but no water for 8 months they have water only 4 months.
Most parents working in paddy fields and do Chena farming for their family income, and some others do daily labor.

Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Connected the total water pipeline system inside the school land, and connected the pile line to the road pipe line, two units of drinking water (one units has 3 taps) and mote individual 3 tap posts, 5000L stock tank.
Parents and children help: transport materials from the gate to construction sites, digging for the pipe lines and the sink pits.

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