336. Community Ibbagamuwa Pallama Hena (late) NWP

Residential community (57 families) with 201 poor people makes use of the new facilities.The community situated deep in the countryside all they are daily labors, these families used to get their water from the near village about 4 km away from their village. After various additional investigations, we decided to reconstruct their well for the village. Water pumping to the stock tank on top of the mountain and back to the houses.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
First of all, a water committee has been established. Cleaning the site, lay the new pipe line 3.800 meters long from the well/stocktank to the community, , reconstruct the existing old well (make 20feet deep and 20 feet wide) and well covering with steel sheet, 3 phase electric pump so that the water from the well can be pumped through new pipeline, new connection of electricity, electrical panel board, pump house, 20.000 L stock tank with steel net cover, 3.800 meters long new distribution pipeline system, 1 tap point for each family, Families in the community help with the many activities and 25% of the labor work supplied by the community.


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