327. School Galatha Gampola (no water) CP

Rural school with 300 children grade 1-13 from poor families and 23 teachers use the new facilities.School is situated on a mountain. There is no water at all! Parents have already dug a well, but without positive results. No toilet cleaning! Sad situation.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
In the meantime, a water site survey has been completed with positive results: sufficient water in the soil. Pulse bore of at least 60 m, pulse cleaning, pump housing with control panel, underwater pump, water tower with 1,000 L tank, ring water pipe with taps to buildings and sanitary facilities (multiple levels), 3 concrete washing units (1 unit has 5 taps), 2 buildings with Adjust 8 urinals.Parents and children help: transport materials from the gate to construction sites, digging for the pipe work and the sink pits.

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