313. School Hadapanagala (many tanks) UVA

Rural school with 844 children grade 1-11 from poor families and 41 teachers use the new facilities.
At the end of 2015 we visited this school for the 1st time, since then the headmaster has called Chaminda dozens of times for help! We like to see this: a school principal who is sounding the bell and fighting for his students! There is a small community water line along the main road, to which the school is connected. Sometimes, however, there is no water for a few days and the toilets cannot be flushed. There is insufficient storage space for the water. That means there is always a water shortage for the school!
Creating a large storage area solves the water problem.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
Electric pump, water tower, 5.000 liter tank at ground level entrance, ring water pipe with taps to buildings and sanitary facilities, 3 concrete washing units.
Parents and children help: transport materials from gate to construction sites, digging and fixing for the pipeline.

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