307. Community Kandakaduwa (old monk) NCP

Residential community with 128 poor families, 640 people (including 290 children and local school) use the new facilities.
These families get their water from a lake. It is highly polluted surface water (lots of algae growth). The families have already built a few pre-settling tanks to better purify the water, but this without result. Some families boil the water before consuming it. After various additional investigations, we see opportunities to greatly improve the quality of this surface water.
Realized, improved water and sanitation facilities:
First of all, a water committee has been established. Cleaning, covering and deepening the existing well with local building materials, so that the water from the lake can be pumped through the well bottom. Also construct a sand drain / trench from the lake. Electric pump, extending existing transport pipeline, 1 water meter per family.
Families help with the many activities.



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